Title Register

Obtain a copy of the official Register of Title to a property or land in the UK.

From the Title Register you can find out who currently owns a property (house, flat, commercial premises, etc) or land in the UK, the address of the owner, the tenure, information on any price paid or stated value if sold after 2000, plus any rights of way or covenants (restrictive or otherwise) on the land or property detailed in the Register.

The Title Register will answer the question ’Who owns this property?’

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Title Plan

The Title Plan is the second principal document of Title which accompanies the Title Register.

The Title Plan shows the boundary of the land or property, marked in red. Title Plans are prepared on an Ordnance Survey map and will include the outline of surrounding properties.

It is always advisable to examine the Title Plan in conjunction with the Title Registration document as there may be entries in the document which clarify the extent of the Title and which may contain colour-coded references. The title plan may contain colour-coded references to leases, rights of way, charges etc.

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Registered Lease

Sets out the terms upon which a Leasehold Title is granted.

In England and Wales, when a lease on a property is granted for 7 years or longer there is a legal requirement to register the lease with Land Registry. Registered leases are referred to in the Title Register and copies are usually retained by Land Registry.

A Registered Lease will outline how the Leasehold tenure and Freehold tenure interact with each other and their respective rights. The lease will usually contain additional plans, parking schemes, plans of common parts and service charge provisions where appropriate.

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Map Search

Search for Title Documents where the postal address is unknown.

If a property has no postal address (for example a parcel of rural land) you can use our built-in digital map to pinpoint the land or a building.

Through this form of search, we provide the Title Register and a copy of a location map of the land or property providing it has been registered with the Land Registry. If the property has not been registered with the Land Registry, we will send you a map extract with the search results.

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Registered Deeds

Registered Deeds are ancillary & historical documents that are referred to in the Title Register

Deeds are no longer the principal Title documents as they have been replaced by the Title Plan and Title Register. However, when an old deed contains important information on the property which is referred to in the Title Register, the Land Registry usually keeps a digital copy of it, which is available for inspection.

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Planning Search

Detailed planning application information for a specified location

Groundsure Planning provides detailed planning application information within the vicinity of the property in question, dating back 10 years. The report utilises the most accurate, comprehensive and complete commercially available historical and current planning data provided by Glenigan.

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Flood Risk Report

This report will provide you with all the information on any flood risk a property may have.

This comprehensive flood report features information from the Environment Agency flooding database and British Geographical Survey data on geological deposits associated with areas of potential flooding.

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Automated Valuation Report

This report provided by Landmark Analytics is one of the UK’s most accurate and responsive automated valuation solutions.

Landmark Analytics draws upon data from a variety of sources including Land Registry and Registers of Scotland, surveyors and estate agents, as well as incorporating census data and other government data sets to produce highly accurate valuations - even for remote areas of England, Wales and Scotland. Please note that this report is available for residential properties only.

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